Serenity In Your Home: Japanese Style Remodeling

japanese style house

Japanese home design is based on simplicity and utility. The result is as elegant as it is relaxing. Here are some elements that are easy to incorporate in your home that are certain to transform your life, and the way you look at the world. Asian Landscape by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Whipple Russell Architects¬†via Houzz Zen … [Read more...]

Ideas for Remodeling a Smaller Bathroom

remodeling a small bathroom

Small bathrooms can present a challenge when it comes time to remodel. With careful planning and the incorporation of the right bathroom remodeling tips, even a small bathroom can be transformed into a palatial space that's comfortable and convenient. Since space is at a premium, organization and storage are crucial. The more organized your bathroom … [Read more...]

Looking for a New Style? Try Scandanavian

scandinavian style

Simplicity. That's the hallmark of Scandinavian style and it's an easy look to achieve and maintain. From the clean lines of the furniture to the open appearance of the rooms, it's a look you are sure to appreciate and feel right at home within. Scandinavian style is a lesson in contrasts. At its core, it means having bright colors for the larger … [Read more...]