Cool Designs: The Nantucket Retreat

Retreats are meant to be sanctuaries where you can relax and recharge, so start by designing a place with an emphasis on privacy. Source: Houzz

Nantucket is known the world over for its famous denizens and its beautiful architecture. Anyone who is anyone knows that a retreat on Nantucket is a great way to rest and recharge, and the fabulous homes that can be found in the area are emulated for that very reason. The first step to creating a retreat is to create privacy. Hedges beat out tall fences … [Read more...]

Create the Quintessential Cooking Space for Your Kitchen

Here are some terrific tips to help you transform your kitchen space into the perfect space for cooking and serving meals.  Source: Houzz

If you enjoy cooking, you'll absolutely need a kitchen design that you enjoy working within. Having the right design is the most important ingredient to ensuring a lifetime of culinary delights. Start by highlighting the architectural and design elements that make the space unique. Exposed beams, antique cabinetry, and original hardwood flooring should be … [Read more...]

Cool Designs: 1950s Ranch

Retro is always in! The trick is to update a retro design in such a way that it meets with modern functionality standards.  Source: Houzz

One of the best ways to remodel an older home isn't to make everything as modern as possible. In fact, it's best to keep some elements that show off the home's construction period and use these as contrast points. One way to do this is to make strategic use of colorsĀ and that's why we love this 1950's ranch that's updated its sherbet-colored kitchen. In … [Read more...]