Great Remodeling Ideas for Empty Nesters

Middle-aged couple looking at architectural blueprints togetherWhen the last little bird flees the nest, an enormous amount of space- both figuratively and literally – can be reclaimed. As you find new space in your life to reclaim your identity and your interests, you can also take steps to breathe life into your home’s newly emptied physical space with a remodel.

Re-Designing Your Empty Nest – Tips for the Atlanta Empty Nester

Master Suite. If an empty bedroom connects to your master, or if two additional bedrooms are connected, it’s the perfect opportunity to create the master suite you’ve always wanted. Expand your bathroom for some more His & Her space and you are set.

Your Own Room. Needs change as adults age and you ma y be interested in your own room. Imagine occupying your own sleeping space without anyone else snoring or hogging the covers…

Game Room. It’s becoming more and more common for empty nesters to change an open bedroom into a game room. Add a home theater, some book cases, and room for a card table and there are multiple uses for it depending on the get together, holiday, or event.

Storage and/or Hobby Space. Now might be the perfect time to de-clutter the closets and shelves and create an organized storage and/or hobby room.

Are you looking forward to an empty nest?

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